This may come as a shock to you, but some people are very upset with how “poorly” I’ve handled the whole Corona situation. Now, I understand that quarantine has everyone’s social lives tossed into disarray and that tensions are very high. However, I can’t help but feel like I’m being punished for adapting to this situation as best as I can. That being said, I’ve always prided myself on being an empath, and the negative vibes everyone has been sending me are really impacting me, so I’ve decided to be the bigger person and apologize. Now, even though people seem to have a laundry list of things for me to address, I’ve decided to just get all of my apologies out in one fell swoop. After all, I have my new sourdough starter that I have to attend to!

First of all, a lot of people have been calling me racist for some reason, which couldn’t be farther from the truth! I love the Asian culture so much. In fact, I’ll have you know that I went backpacking across Southeast Asia during my gap year and really found myself there — that being said, be sure to check out my yoga Instagram! Also, I have an Asian boyfriend who looks just like Jungkook from BTS, even though he keeps insisting that he’s not even Korean. Anyways, I’m so hurt when people think that I’m being racist against Asians when I’m just trying to stay safe during this pandemic like everyone else! For all we know, COVID-19 really was created in a Chinese lab and spread around the world so they can take over, and avoiding people who look Chinese (even my boyfriend who lives with me, because you can never be too sure)  is just me being proactive about not contracting the virus, which is what I thought everyone wanted me to do! Anyways, I guess I’m sorry for how people misunderstood my actions.

Another thing people want me to apologize for is the “Quarantine & Chill” get together I threw recently. First of all, I don’t understand why people are making it a bigger deal than it actually is by calling it “selfish” and a “danger to society” and “the reason why the curve is never going to flatten and we’re all going to be stuck inside forever.” I’m just trying to take care of my emotional state, and if I’m not around my friends at least once a week, then I simply won’t survive! And it’s not like we didn’t make efforts to social distance during the party. In fact, I made sure that everyone stayed on opposite sides of the couch and that we all wore masks — that is, unless we were taking photos, because why would I spend all that time doing my makeup just to cover it up? I understand that other people may not have friends that are as thoughtful as mine who are willing to risk their lives to make mimosas with me during our Sunday brunches, but that jealousy y’all are harboring is very toxic. I don’t want everyone’s bad vibes influencing my mood, so I suppose that I’ll just have to apologize for looking out for my mental health.

Finally, I guess I have to apologize for the major thing everyone wants me to talk about: my spring break vacation to Cabo. This has been what I’ve been most attacked for online, and I just don’t understand why. You guys don’t seem to understand that I had been planning this vacation with my best friends for months on end and it was going to be my 21st birthday, so I couldn’t just not go. And have you seen those plane ticket prices? It’d be worse if I stayed home! I mean, sure, like 49 of the friends that went with me ended up contracting COVID-19, but I wasn’t impacted which shows that this isn’t as big a deal as everyone’s making it out to be. Besides, everyone keeps talking about how important essential workers are, but apparently my important work as a social media influencer doesn’t count? Yeah, sure, ok. But I guess I understand the concern — plus states and countries are starting to close their borders for travel — so I promise to keep my travels contained to the beach.

All in all, I don’t understand why everyone keeps cyberbullying me under the guise of “holding me accountable for my actions,” but I’m really sorry that you guys are upset with my life choices. I guess I’m just doing a better job of handling this than everyone else.