Welcome to the MIT of the South! As Comets, we have an innate duty to keep UTD nerdy by adding to our repertoire of campus facts to defend against MIT of the North and doomsayers about the fall of Temoc (Et tu, Tobor). But beyond that, we must get the upper hand on the campus itself, grading it before it gets the chance to grade us when midterm season strikes.


Let’s start with the fearsome (literally quaking in my boots) leader of our school, Temoc! Or should I say “Blaze,” the original name of our beloved mascot. Don’t forget to celebrate his birthday on April 20th (4/20) every year! His original form stands tall in a glass case inside the Visitors’ Center watching over students past, present, and future to scare us into graduating. 

Grade: A+++ (please)

Love Jack

They say (no one knows who “they” is) that if you have a date underneath the Love Jack, your relationship will thrive. What’s a better date than a picnic in the middle of the walkways of campus for all to see, right? On this campus, no one’s had the chance to find out if this will actually work, so if a miracle happens please reach out and let us know. 

Grade: Undetermined

SU Piano

The piano outside the Student Union has the ability to transport you into a coming-of-age movie montage or epic training arc as you walk up the endless slope towards your government or coding classes… if only it were working more than 15% of the time. This may as well be a myth to anyone coming onto campus after 2019. 

Grade: Middle C (higher grade contingent upon the piano being properly tuned)

Campus Signs

Take a minute to look up from your phone and touch grass by trying to find all of the campus signs. You might find that they can actually be helpful, especially in the early days when you’re floundering around desperately looking for your next class and 15 minutes pass by in the blink of an eye. All before you learn that you can definitely grab food in between and make it in ample time…. These signs will direct you and give you something to smile about. 

Grade: S Tier for Something that campus does right

Spirit Rocks

Besides featuring club advertisements, these rocks are also known to ensure marriage proposals with a 100% success rate… so far. 

Grade: A for Ask your partner first

Cecil Green

For extra luck before an exam, rub the head of one of our founders, Cecil Green, in front of the aptly named Green Hall. Is this all just a ploy to get us to use the standing desks in Green Hall’s study pit (if you’ve even heard of it)? Maybe, but either way the bushes in front of his bust foil most attempts to get that extra stroke of genius unless you’re very determined or tall. Short people rights.

Grade: F for the Fold-out steps we need installed

Reflection Pools

I know that with the godforsaken Texas heat, a quick dip in the reflection pools while you’re on the way to class sounds like heaven. But alas, the only time we are actually invited to touch the cool waters is to grab some good luck before we graduate when those who buy class rings can dip them into the pool. More incentive to buy the rings I suppose. 

Grade: C for “Can you see how much we’re sweating under the Texas sun, please stop global warming”


Enarc will rise again. Hopefully to solve the housing crisis this time.

Grade: A for “A hope for the future of the wonderful MIT of the South”