Chopped Halal Grill

Located at the Northside Apartments strip, Chopped is arguably one of the favorites around UTD’s campus. The portions are large, pricing is reasonable, and the quality is something to write home about. An average bowl entrée at Chopped is approximately $13, depending on what you include in the bowl. There are many ways to mix and match the ingredients because it’s a “make-your-own bowl” restaurant, similar to Chipotle or Halal Shack. There are rice or salad bowls, or pita wraps with basmati rice and your choice of chicken, gyro, kofta, or falafel. Then there are sides and toppings like chickpeas and various vegetables that you can choose from, topped off with rich flavorful sauces. And as mentioned, the portions are considerably large which is convenient for college students that enjoy saving one plate of food and making it last for 2-3 meals (caution: this won’t work for everyone equally, it depends on how much you eat in one sitting). There is outdoor seating to the restaurant, however, the inside has a really nice ambiance to it that can be part of your eating experience. There isn’t much room on the inside but the decor is lovely, from the wall art to the flowers on each table. If you’re looking for a good hearty meal with a lot of rich flavors, definitely give Chopped Halal Grill a try.

Pinto Urban Thai Diner

Pinto Urban Thai Diner is a themed diner at Northside that has a variety of Thai food. It’s notoriously known for being over-priced for the amount of food given- however, the quality and ambiance of the restaurant make it worth checking out. They have appetizers like spring rolls, fish cakes, and shrimp tempura. Then there are classic entrees like pad thai and drunken noodles. There’s also fried rice, soups, curries, salads, and desserts, plus they have vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. The average price of an entrée is around $12-$15 and prices vary for appetizers and desserts. One of my favorite things to get at Pinto is actually the iced Thai tea; it’s a sweet delectable drink that always leaves me wanting more. There is outdoor seating available but you can also sit inside. The plants and lights around the restaurant make for comfortable seating. If you’re craving Thai food, make the short walk from campus over to Pinto!