If you are reading this, I NEED YOUR HELP.

During Thanksgiving Break, my best friend Damian and I decided to check out the Berkner Hall basement from that r/utdallas subreddit post, and what we found will astonish you.

We followed the instructions left by explorers of the past and picked the lock on the grate between Berkner and Founder’s Annex. We began heading north. Turns out, the UTD tunnel system is much more expansive than we thought. We walked for a while through the dimly lit twists, dodging steam pipes, and deftly outmaneuvering the heavily-armed combat Tobors until we arrived at a lengthy corridor. A whooshing gust of wind brought to our ears the faint sound of crashing. I should have turned back. I wanted to turn back, but Damian, ever more mentally resilient than me, persuaded me to continue our journey.

At the end of the corridor we found a thick, heavy door. As Damian pushed it open, we found ourselves on the threshold of a sophisticated, well-stocked laboratory.

Where did UTD have labs underground? We had gone so far north, maybe we were under the Bioengineering and Sciences Building? The lab was in a state of disarray. Test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks lay broken on the ground, and a strange fluid covered the green and orange linoleum tiles. Damian found a mess of papers lying on a desk. He called me over to check it out.

PROJECT T3M0C: Iteration 55.

Skimming though we saw all sorts of biology jargon incomprehensible to a CS and Global Business major. That’s when we heard another large crash. This time from much closer. Reflexively we ran towards the door…but it wasn’t the exit. We ran into a spacious underground parking garage. Damian and I exchanged glances. Was this…Parking Structure 2? In each parking space there was a vat of green fluid with some Bioengineering professor’s expensive experiment. As we kept moving towards the back of the structure the biomass inside each vat was more and more developed than the last. We could see the progression of experimental specimens. The vats were iterations attempting to create a biological replication of our beloved mascot TEMOC! But it seemed that something had gone wrong. The attempts started to diverge from the beautiful form of Temoc. Spikes began protruding from its face. One had massive claws. The next had eldritch tentacles coming out of its back.

It was then that we discovered the broken vat. Our footsteps crunched on the glass littering the cement while some sort of amniotic fluid flowed from the parking spot.

Right then a giant, green bio-horror-Temoc burst through the door, pounding its chest as it belted out a Stentorian roar.

Damian yelled at me to run, that he would distract it. He gave me his comet card, a single tear sliding down his cheek, and told me to use the rest of his meal money. I screamed and cried, but he was adamant. My last sight of him was his peaceful, smiling face as he guarded me from bio-horror-Temoc. When I got the opportunity, I took off running for the lab door (I did track in middle school, so I’m pretty fast). Soon I was running down the long tunnel system corridor. My legs carried me all the way out of the tunnels, though the Berkner Basement, and onto the deserted campus pathways, while my mind was carried to Damian. I couldn’t go back in and get him. I couldn’t. He never made it out of the Berkner Hall basement. Please, I need your help to rescue Damian.

I miss you Damian, come home soon. <3

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