Tanner Lewis Managing Editor

Proud rat father of a rat-dog hybrid.

Zach Greenberg Marketing Director

Zach Greenberg is a senior in studying Biochemistry and Physics. He is a leading advocate in environmental justice, himbo rights, and abolishing the state of Texas.

Cecilia Romero Head Art Director

Cecilia, (aka Gigi), is stuck in an animal crossing rabbit hole and can only be lured out with snacks.

Christi Lazutkin Assistant Art Director

Christi is the Assistant Art Director of AMP, a misleading title for her role as an agent of chaos. She is best known for a breach of containment that infamously generated the world’s first █████ ████ ██████ specimen. She is least known for her gentle soul and warm heart, which yearn only to crack jokes and be loved.

Josh Gammage Web Editor

Josh is a creature motivated only by spiteand caffeine. They can be found in the wild mindlessly wandering the library stacks or yelling at a computer depending on the day.