Bethel Bekele (she/her) Editor-in-Chief

senior | political science

I’ll believe most conspiracy theories I’m told.

Sebyul Paik (they/them) Managing Editor

senior | literature

Seb would really just like people to follow AMP on Twitter. Please. They’re begging you.

Danny Torres (he/him) Art Director

sophomore | aht

I’ve never seen a chipmunk in real life and quite frankly I don’t think they exist.

Gavin Arriaga (he/him) Marketing Director

junior | marketing 

The first amendment protects you from the government, not me.

Ally Duong (she/her) Web and Copy Editor

senior | literature 

Error 404 funny joke not found.

André Averion (he/him) Distribution Manager

junior | psychology

Someone with Pogonophobia is in therapy because of me

Victoria Bruno (she/her) Assistant Art Director

junior | marketing

Top contender of being the smartest person alive during the Paleolithic period.

Sneha Raghavan (she/her) Assistant Copy Editor

sophomore | its, crwt

Every season should be iced peppermint mocha season.

Ethan Wuu (he/they) Assistant Marketing Director

freshman | atec

Intellectual Genius — pictured eating $30 worth of sushi when he meant to order $15.