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A Back Alley, CAFE

On November 2, 2018, at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center, Dr. Hasan Pirkul, Dean of the Naveen Jindal School of Management, gave remarks to the gathered student and faculty attendees of the CAFÉ Fall Seminar: “Freedom and Prosperity in the U.S. and the World: How Are We Doing?” Dr. Pirkul spoke of the need to “protect […]

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Merry Cruzmas!

Preparing for the Holidays in Ted’s Texas Season’s Greetings, fellow Texans! I should begin by sharing that I wanted to open this piece with “Merry Christmas!” but the PC Police at AMP forced their hippie-dippy inclusion on me with the threat of not publishing my article that, in its truest form, oozed truth and delicious […]

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Quantum Disruption

There’s a war raging in Silicon Valley right now, and it’s attracting everyone from Google to IBM to Microsoft, along with a flock of ambitious new startups. Despite what you might expect, they’re not fighting over social media, mobile games, or e-commerce; they’re after something downright otherworldly: parallel universes. Despite sounding like the premise of […]

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Impostor Syndrome

You are sitting in the hallway in a particularly uncomfortable office chair. The sturdiness of your business suit that has been sitting in your closet for an entire year is rough against your skin. You grip your résumé as you look around at all the people that are waiting for the same interview. They are […]