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Surviving Senior Year

So you’re a senior now. Or, I guess, statistically, you probably aren’t. I realize I’m severely alienating the great majority of my potential audience with that kind of lead, but well, it’s my senior year, and through a tragic mix of obvious character flaws and lack of motivation to address any of them, I’m incapable […]

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Is the Brain Part of Our Body?

It’s common to get ill, not well, or feel feverish, right? Often, we can catch a cold and cough, or suffer from a headache, body ache and whatnot. We solve all these problems with medication, therapies, and treatments. Some people suffer from cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and heart problems too, which are dealt with through a […]

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Zeroes and Ones: The Seldom-Seen War Against Encryption

In February of 1993, two federal agents approached accused arms dealer Phil Zimmermann as part of a formal investigation into his criminal activities. Over the next three years, the FBI collected evidence of Zimmermann’s participation within a vast network of international transactions involving illegally powerful munitions, all of which he produced himself. Even after the […]

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Novel Ideas with Gabby Bevers

Who’s ready to get angsty and emotional? The first poem in Samantha King’s Born to Love, Cursed to Feel reads like a Cosmo horoscope — it hits home fairly hard but feels overly generalized. The entire first half of the book expresses how lonely and unwanted you can feel in relationships — you know, the […]