Want to see your writing or art in the pages of AMP and on our website for all your friends to see? Well, that’s convenient because we want to publish you! Email us a pitch (writing) or inquiry about open positions (art/photography) at ampatutd@gmail.com. Also fill out our interest form here and follow us on social media to stay up to date on when our issues are published and when we have (optional) pitch meetings.

AMP publishes opinion and satire writing. Opinion pieces are either 1000-1200 words or 1800-2200 words and should be unique, have a strong and obvious central argument, and flow well. Satire pieces should run 1000-1200 words, be satire and not just a humorous article, and most importantly be funny. Editors will be available to help you polish your work prior to the submission deadline.

If you have any questions about the publishing process, read the FAQ below and then send any remaining questions to us via email or ask them in the discord.


How Often Does AMP Publish? We publish one print issue per month during the school year along with online exclusives published between issues.

Will I Be Paid? Yes all writers and designers are paid by AMP based on how many words/illustrations/photos they contribute.

Can I Submit An Essay I Wrote For Class? We’re happy to have you write a piece for us based on almost any topic you’ve researched or have an opinion about. However, we strongly discourage submitting academic essays verbatim as the writing styles of AMP pieces and academic essays are very different. You can still submit a piece on a topic you’ve written an essay about, we just suggest you write a new piece in a more casual style or consult an editor about modifying your existing essay to fit our style.