Want to see your writing in the pages of AMP and on our website for all your friends to see? Well, that’s convenient because we want to publish your writing! Read the instructions below, write your piece, and then email it to us at ampatutd@gmail.com. Also, attend a pitch meeting if you can! These are advertised on our Twitter.

AMP accepts two kinds of pieces: opinion and satire.

Opinion pieces have a strong and obvious argument to them and are direct and to the point. Be opinionated with these and avoid using filler. Also avoid going over a topic we’ve heard rehashed a thousand times already. We all know Temoc is sexy so there’s no need to write an opinion piece about it. We also recommend you include research to back up your claims—just remember to cite where appropriate. Finally, you need to maintain the proper tone in your piece. You may be passionate, but don’t write a Facebook rant; while you should cite evidence, your piece also shouldn’t sound like an academic paper or news article.

Rules for Opinion Pieces

  • 1000-1200 words or 1800-2200 words (don’t undershoot or we’ll make you write more)
  • A strong and obvious central argument
  • No filler
  • Don’t promote or advertise any organization
  • Find sources and cite them
  • Be unique
  • Make sure your piece is easy to read and flows well

Satire pieces need to be funny (duh). Don’t include inside jokes that only you, your friends, or your favorite subreddit understand. You can choose from a variety of formats (listicle, interview, narrative, something you come up with) for a satire piece, but remember that you’re writing satire, not just a humorous opinion piece.

Rules for Satire Pieces

  • 1000-1200 words (don’t undershoot or we’ll send Temoc to your home)
  • Need to be satire, not just a humorous article. Discuss with an editor prior to your deadline if you don’t know how to write satire
  • Absolutely do not plagiarize. Parody is different from copying
  • Be funny