May Ticket Stubs: Quarantine Edition

AMP Staff

One of Netflix’s newest shows, The Midnight Gospel, is one that defies easy categorization. Created by Pendleton Ward (creator of beloved Adventure Time) and Duncan Trussell (creator of the podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour), The Midnight Gospel is simultaneously a fantastical science-fiction odyssey journeying across Salvador Dali-esque dreamscapes and […]

Dating: A COVID Casualty?

AMP Staff

We get it. You’re withering away under quarantine. You’ve taken all this time to hole up inside your room, look up all the ways to trick your professors into shutting their computers down, and make stupid memes about the virus, even though we warned you that it was a bad […]

Top Five Pranks

AMP Staff

It’s April, and if you’re like me, then the first thing that comes to mind when you think of April is the first day: April Fools. Although this holiday’s origin is unknown, it became fairly popular in 18th century Europe and has since spread worldwide. But some of the best […]

Vote Blue No Matter Who

AMP Staff

As the Democratic National Convention draws closer, tensions are at an all time high within the Democratic Party. Nominees that we didn’t even remember being in the race have dropped out. Voters in key states like Arizona, Illinois, and Florida were expected to go out and vote during a global […]