DJ Name: BS (Boppin’ Salesman); also known as Ben Nguyen

Name of Show: The Ad Break

Day and Time of Show: Friday from 12am-1am and 10am-11am

How would you describe your show to someone who has never listened?

The Ad Break is an Ad Break for your life, where I fail to sell you a new product every single week.

How do you decide what the songs you’re going to play for each show?

The songs that I play line up with the product that I happen to be selling.

What’s the idea behind the name of your show?

The Ad Break evolved from an old idea with a similar premise that I failed to sell myself in freshman year. It’s also a summer show that I made at UTD TV, and ultimately indulges my desire to make improv content and try and get better at making people laugh, or cringe.

What are some of the influences for the music that you choose?

Generally since it’s a late night show, I like to play pretty chill music that lines up with the product being sold. Lot’s of jazz, lofi, and other kinds of chill tracks to go with a certain late night surreal vibe. I used to run a jazz show, so I definitely lean towards jazz music as a whole.

How would you say that your music taste evolved over time?

Over time, I’ve come to appreciate more and more kinds of music, but I’ll have more moods where I want to listen to relaxing chill music, [rather] than the old kinda hype electronic beats that I was a fan of before I headed to college. I’m too tired to be hype all the time now, haha.

Are there any particular artists, songs, or albums you’ve been enjoying recently and that you’d like to recommend?

I love listening to Ernesto Cervini’s tracks, and projects that he’s been a part of. I was introduced to him with a bunch of jazz new music that was brought in: first with TuneTown’s “There from Here,” and then with Cervini’s own “Tetrahedron.”


  1. Fear and Delight by The Correspondents
  2. Morning Coffee by Lullatone
  3. A Stranger Come to Town by Louie Zong
  4. Loyal Friend by Louie Zong
  5. The Great Open Sky by Louie Zong
  6. Hey, That’s My Horse! by Louie Zong
  7. Sunrise by Louie Zong
  8. A Country Duck by Louie Zong
  9. Goodnight, Cowgirl by Louie Zong
  10. Crinkle Cut by Louie Zong
  11. Curly by Louie Zong
  12. Waffle by Louie Zong
  13. Sweet Potato by Louie Zong
  14. Steal by Louie Zong
  15. Smiley by Louie Zong

Heh, louie zong