Do you want to do fun summer activities but still want to take the global pandemic seriously (unlike our wonderful Governor Abbott who might want to actually kill us all)? Cause I do. Below is a list of fun things to do for the sweltering Texas summer of 2021— all while being as safe as covidly possible. These are things that you can do by yourself, with a pet, with a significant other, or with a small group of friends

  1. Kayaking

Starting off the list strong is kayaking on White Rock Lake in Dallas. Its a quick 25 minute drive from UTD campus, and it is such a fun outdoor activity to do by yourself or with a couple other people. You can use the paddles to splash each other to cool off from the summer heat. Social distancing is implied unless you’re a bad kayaker like me.

2. Drive-in movies, of course!

Fill your trunk with blankets, grab the popcorn and licorice and go to see a drive-in movie at the Galaxy movie theater in downtown Dallas. Such a nice and simple time and you don’t have to do that much work to have a great time!

3. Go have a picnic.

This is one of my favorite activities no matter the season. I recommend buying a $3 picnic blanket from a thrift store, making some sandwiches, and heading off to a cute park with a lake or a playground (or both).

Try the cake in a wine glass trend from TikTok, you and your friends can learn TikTok dances, or just chill and listen to music. Wear sunscreen, even if you’re sitting in the shade, and stay distanced from other people. Bring a book or some paint and paint some records which you can get from a thrift store for 50 cents. Teach yourself to skateboard or roller skate and laugh at yourself and your friends when you inevitably fall.

4. Museums. 

Take advantage of their free air conditioning. Popular museums in Dallas include The Dallas Museum of Modern Art (DAMA) and the Perot Museum of Science and Nature. The Comet Card Office at UTD also occasionally offers student discounts for these museums. Walk around, say what the art means to you, or just stare at pretty colors and take aesthetic pictures. Also, these museums’ large sizes all for easy social distancing.

5. The Dallas Arboretum in downtown dallas. 

The arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden filled with bright flowers and plants that will definitely be nice for new profile pictures for Instagram or Tinder. This one might be a tad harder to stay socially-distanced, depending on how crowded it is, but it’s still a pretty awesome summer activity, as long as you get ice cream afterwards.

6. Visit the man-made beach in Little Elm

Looking to lay in some sand and tan? Or have a beach picnic? Little Elm Beach in Little Elm is 25 minutes from UTD, near Frisco. It has a park, beach, playground, soccer fields, sand volleyball, and basketball courts all in one location. You can go swimming in the lake, or just play some sand volleyball with friends. Like the arboretum, Little Elm Beach is a little harder to stay socially distant, so that’s why it’s important to wear your mask as much as you can.

7. Explore the Great Indoors! Do something creative inside.

Paint! Draw! Do a new Tik Tok trend. Crochet! Dance! Bring it back to life in the beginning of quarantine where we were on stricter lockdown and were adjusting to this sudden change in life.

Painting and jeweling by number are always relaxing, rewarding and a perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

8. Get an Airbnb

Rent an Airbnb if you really cannot stand to be in your apartment or dorm, at least for a weekend. Take a drive to Austin and stay at an Airbnb there with your significant other, your best friend, or even just by yourself (just stay safe). Perfect little getaway to take a break, catch your breath.

9. Shopping.

This one can get a bit dangerous, just depending on your impulsive shopping habits. (Don’t feel bad if you have some, mine are probably worse).

10. Just relax, bro

Hey, this past school year was hard. It was our first full year of fully online school, filled with choppy zoom calls, a lot of “can you hear me”, and the instant moment of panic when you’re talking bad about your professor during class and you realize your mic is on. It is okay to feel however you are feeling right now, whether that is angry, sad, or frustrated. Or if you feel fine and prefer to have it online and less in person social interaction that’s cool too. No matter what you’re feeling, it is important to take a break and to not feel bad about it. Do something you love to do that you didn’t have time to do during school. Treat yourself to your favorite snack. Enjoy summer 2021 as much as you can and hang in there.