As if the deadly snowstorm that we faced in February wasn’t enough to prove the failure of our elected officials, in March, Governor Greg Abbott recalled the statewide mask mandate. Statewide, masks are no longer required in public places. Even though most businesses will still require masks in their stores, some will not. Other businesses are now struggling with customers who believe they no longer have to wear masks in businesses and these individuals are antagonizing employees. Masks save lives, that is a fact, not an assumption. Just because Greg Abbott says that we don’t need to wear them doesn’t mean he is right. In fact, Abbott went directly against the wishes of his advisors in declaring the mask mandate was over.

It is difficult to put into words how infuriating this decision is. Because the truth is: it is very likely that the end of the pandemic is within reach. But now is not the time to stop protecting ourselves. If anything, now is the time to follow CDC guidelines as strictly as possible. With the end in sight, a decision like Abbott’s — as well as those other governors ending their states’ mask mandates — could set us back even further.

As we said, it seems that most businesses within our area are still requiring masks. We applaud this decision, but we understand that the people who will choose not to wear a mask in public anymore are the ones who put employees at risk and will most likely give them a hard time. So while we ask you to continue wearing a mask in public, we also ask that you use patience with service workers, since many of them are facing the brunt of petulant anti-maskers and not receiving the credit or pay that they deserve.

Greg Abbott is a failure to Texas and to those of us that live here. His decisions and policies have actively put citizens at risk for the sake of conservative appeal. Abbott has proven time and again that he would rather pass policies that excite his base and provide for good photo-ops rather than pass meaningful policy for Texans. So, we ask you to remember his failures come 2022 when it is time to finally end his dangerous tenure as governor of Texas. For the sake of this state and its citizens, he cannot be allowed a third term in office.

As always, stay safe, Comets. Please, continue to wear a mask when in public, be kind, be patient, and be courteous. Except to Greg Abbott, screw that guy.