Hey Comets! We hope the semester has been going well for y’all, and we appreciate all the support we’ve been receiving here at AMP

In August of this year, President Joe Biden announced that student loan debt relief was finally going to be implemented. College students and alumni collectively rejoiced, with many expressing hesitation because it genuinely felt too good to be true. Loan forgiveness is huge for college students, and it affects a huge portion of us. At UT Dallas alone, almost 30% of incoming freshmen take out loans to pay for their school here. That number is higher on a national level. Secondary education has been proven to drastically change the lives of lower-income people. People who come from low-income backgrounds are vulnerable to creditors that will take advantage of their situation. They pile on high-interest rates so even if students graduate and are paying back their loans, they’ll be paying expensive interest for years after their original debt is paid off. Student loans make college accessible for everyone, but they are also being used to take advantage of the lower class. This is why voting is so important; when we vote with purpose we can (and we did) enact real change. That’s why we here at AMP encourage everyone to vote during this election cycle! The gubernatorial election is coming up between Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rouke and if you’re displeased with the state Texas is in right now it is vital for you to get to the polls! Early voting began October 24th and ends November 4th; the official day for voting is November 8th. You will be able to vote on campus on election day so voting will be super accessible to students. Make sure you are aware of which county you live in and any other information about voting can be found on votetexas.gov. 

Another thing to keep on the forefront of your minds, Comets, is the current protests happening in Iran. After an Iranian woman was murdered by law enforcement for not complying with hijab requirements in the country, protests have been occurring all over the world. There was even a protest here on campus supporting Iranian women miles and miles away. Unfortunately, repression is occurring against Iranian people engaging in these protests and there have even been alleged murders. It’s easy to feel helpless in these circumstances, but remember the influence social media can have. Continuing to share and spread awareness of what the Iranian government is doing to its people is necessary to take steps closer to gaining justice.