Sky Rocket Burger

The rockets painted on the wall are just the first indicator of the out-of-this-world experience that awaits you in this absolute burger gem. It’s close to campus, nestled away on the corner of Frankford and Coit. Sky Rocket has a vintage diner vibe, brimming with people laughing and filling themselves up on delicious food. There’s a selection of single, double or even triple burgers (each patty ¼ lb each), grilled cheese, french fries, and drinks. The burgers come with a plethora of ingredients (starring their delicious secret sauce), and an equally long list of free add-on options. I grabbed their single burger with grilled onions and their side of fries, and the star of the show is definitely their burger patties — juicy, tender and insanely flavorful. I’ve absolutely never had a burger patty that embodies such an impeccable flavor and texture. Their fries are also hand cut, with the perfect thickness that allows the outside to be crisp while still having a soft core. The seasoning on the fries also stands out to me, as it adds flavor to the already fresh fries without being overpowering, but regardless, dipping them in the special house sauce is a non-negotiable. It’s a tangy and unique blend that balances the flavors superbly so that grabbing fries mid-burger doesn’t ruin the burger’s taste. Personally, I’ve never been a burger and fries girl, but Sky Rocket is leagues above the rest and might just make me a permanent convert. 

Moon Meals rating: 10/10 — over the moon.

Angel Chicken Kitchen

Located on the corner of Campbell and Coit is THE spot to satisfy your chicken cravings (and yes I think it gives Chick-fil-A and Canes a run for their money). Angel Chicken Kitchen is decked out in cute chicken-themed rustic decor, and offers both halal and gluten free options. I ordered their Classic chicken sandwich on a biscuit, and my friends ordered the Buffalo Winger sandwich on a biscuit, a Chicken Shawarma, and a Kale Caesar salad with crispy chicken. It’s safe to say I was absolutely blown away. The biscuit was buttery and crumbly, and the chicken had a perfect golden crisp while still having a juicy center. It’s a common problem that chicken is often cooked to be too dry, firm, or bland, so frankly I had minimal expectations going in, but I was left with my jaw on the floor. The chicken was flavorful, tender and juicy without it making the rest of the sandwich soggy. The ingredients also tasted fresh, and the lettuce made audible crunches when taking a bite. My friend’s salad also maintained the same crispness, which I revere since a soggy salad is always such a disappointment. I grabbed a few bites of my friend’s chicken shawarma and loved how fluffy the pita bread was (honestly probably would have loved to just eat it alone too) and the grilled chicken center made it even better. The owner was also incredibly welcoming, and is definitely a small business that I’d love to see grow. 

Moon Meals rating: 9.9/10