On March 17th, a 21-year-old man went to three massage parlors in Georgia and killed eight people, the majority of which were Asian women. After a thorough investigation, the Atlanta Police Department delicately announced that the murderer simply had a “bad day,” but many would venture to say that he just had a bad year. Can we really blame someone for living in a state that allows people to stroll into a gun store, instantly pass a background check, and leave an hour later with a new gun? Yes, we can.

Although it is easy to bash the state of Georgia, we need to take a moment and reflect on our current political climate. We have spent the past year quarantining from COVID-19, also known as the “Chinese virus” or “Kung Flu”— terms liberally thrown around by former president Donald Trump. The anti-Asian rhetoric used by the former president has led to an unsurprising increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans (read as: victims of people who were having a bad day.) This may sound alarming, but there is no need to fret! Today, I (an Asian American) will personally teach you quick and easy ways to eradicate Asian racism in America.

  1. Posting a yellow square
    Ending racism has never been easier. With the advent of technology, hop onto Instagram (or Facebook if you’re a suburban mother with a proclivity for wine) and post a yellow square. This applies to companies as well; it is your moment to show how much you support diversity and racial equality within your workplace. The key here is to choose an eye-catching neon yellow color. I would personally suggest the shade “Yellow Peril.” Once you have chosen the perfect yellow square, we can now craft your racism-ending post. What is the point in talking about racial prejudice when we can sum it up with a simple hashtag or phrase? In this scenario, less is more. Stop yakking and stick to the “#StopAsianHate” or my favorite, “Asians are people too.” The less context the better. Now press that post button and give yourself a good pat on the back. There is no need for you to do additional research or read further into the historical marginalization of Asians in America. Just sit back and accept the praise you’ll receive from all the Asian people in your life.
  1. Check in on your Asian friends
    This next piece of advice is for all the majorities. When was the last time you called your Asian friend? Grab that phone and get to work! Racism doesn’t wait around. You will receive bonus Asian Ally points for reaching out to Asian people you haven’t spoken to in at least a year. As an Asian, I truly feel heard when I receive texts from people I haven’t seen since elementary school saying, “I stand with you” and “I loved Crazy Rich Asians.” I speak for all Asian people when I say that we are willing to accept expensive gifts and crates of oranges in the name of ending racism. If you happen to owe your Asian friend 20 dollars, now would also be a good time to pay them back (you know who you are.)
  1. Support Asian businesses
    Buying from Asian-owned businesses may broadcast your politics, but it is a great way to directly support people who have been further marginalized due to the pandemic. Simple things like buying an entree at your local Panda Express can radically help the Asian community. You can even combine this piece of advice, with the first example (see: 1. Posting a yellow square) to deliver an activism-filled punch to all the racists. Here is just one way you can go about this, buy a small entree of The Original Orange Chicken® and post a picture of it with the caption “Being anti-racist has never tasted so good.” For added effect, include the chopsticks you’re using to eat in your picture. There is something beautifully American about getting your fill of delicious chicken while spreading awareness on anti-Asian hate.
  1. Manifest the racism away
    The power of the law of attraction is at our fingertips. In recent times, we can manifest love or even money. Our dreams have become instantly attainable. It is only a matter of time until we finally manifest a racism-less society into existence. To begin your manifestation journey, start your days off right by putting out positive affirmations into the atmosphere. These affirmations must be vocalized for the universe to hear. How else will the universe know what you want from it? Here are some examples to use if you are not a person of color: “racism does not exist,” “I don’t see color,” and “white privilege is not real.” The universe oftentimes will work faster if the person speaking these phrases is a white male. If you want to put in extra work to repent for the wrongdoings of your ancestors, purchase different crystals to help emit more positive vibrations into society. Educating yourself is a bit too much work when we can get the same (or better) results through manifestation.
  1. Sit your white friends down (a piece of advice for the Asians)
    Sometimes your white friends need to be refreshed on what is socially acceptable to do in the 21st century. I know they tend to get a little confused, especially when they start thinking “cracker” is a slur. Our friends need to be updated and maintained like any other piece of hardware. We can’t fault them for forgetting that minorities now have rights. There are moments where things just need to be spelled out in black and white. These are acceptable things white people can do: say “hold your horses,” comment on how spicy the ketchup is today, perform the hokey pokey, and own land. Now here are the things white people can’t do anymore: call people slurs (yes, even as a joke), choose an ethnicity to put into internment camps, pass a Chinese Exclusion Act, and have a bad day.