Content Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of gore and death. Read at your own risk.

We at AMP have been hired by Riot to design the next overpowered champion to release, and we wanted to create an even more broken character than Kassa-win and Aphelios combined. We think that with the addition of the legendary Comet and his pals Enarc and Tobor, you’ll be able to have a great time representing UTD while annihilating the enemy. As a reminder, this character is only available to current UTD students. We’ve leveraged 200+ years of our own combined stupidity to create an experience that 200+ combined years of game design experience never could.

Passive- Blessing of TI

All of Temoc’s basic attacks and on-hit effects critically strike, due to the integrated calculators inside of his arms calculating the perfect place to strike for every basic attack.

Q – Rise of Tobor

Temoc’s basic attacks alternate between his fists and a Tobor that follows him around to ram enemies. His fists deal 500-1000% of Total AD and lifesteals for the same while Tobor’s ramming deals 100-500% Total AP damage and steals the same as mana. Tobor has different effects depending on the food that he’s carrying, which can be switched in the shop.

Pizza – Applies Grievous Wounds

Bagel – Gives self shield equal to max health

Coffee – Provides 200% attack speed boost that stacks infinitely

W – Praise Enarc, Who Raises Our GPAs

Enarc will materialize and shield Temoc with its godly construction power, providing a shield equal to 1000% of Temoc’s max health, continually damages surrounding enemies for 420 true damage per millisecond, prevents CC, and absorbs projectiles.

Cooldown – 10/5/2/1/.1 seconds

E – Comet Power

Passive – Temoc gains 10/100/420/1000/9999 lethality due to his awesome power.

Active – Temoc bestows his awesome power to an ally champion, granting them a copy of his current Tobor and 69 lethality for 5 seconds.

Cooldown – 5 seconds

R – Whoosh!

Temoc gains global vision, seeing through bush and the fog of war for 10 seconds. He can then throw his head as a blazing comet to an enemy champion, dealing 420/666/999999 true damage. If this kills, the cooldown is reset.

Cooldown- 60/40/20

Temoc Biography:

Temoc: The Unknown Terror

The legendary Temoc himself was created when Runeterra began, with his terrifying power confined within the Void. But as he slept, terrifying new demons were imagined, then created, then confined in the same dark prison beneath Runeterra. First, a terrifying construction crane that created strange buildings dedicated to the foreign concept of “physics”, followed by a robot that carried corrupting foodstuffs that turned men against one another, and killed many more. He slept within the Void for ages, but the time has come for the Void to emerge. Following Vel’Koz, Cho’Gath, and Rek’Sai, Temoc has emerged from the void with Enarc and Tobor to become a terrifying Void trinity. And his coming spells doom for all.

Temoc Short Story:


It came from the Void. It’s one of the demons. It’s something unholy. 

Or at least, that’s what the townsfolk said. Codie never thought much of the rumors that came with the various jobs, ultimately it would all come to nothing. A wolf, perhaps, or some rogue group would lie in wait, easily defeated. But tonight was different, there was a different feeling of unease that came with this job. Five other bounty hunters had tried to find the mysterious beast, and all five had failed. Most notably, Vayne herself had barely escaped with her life, driven insane by her encounter.

By now, this warranted official attention. Magic was suspected, as there were foreign looking burns and strange foodstuffs left behind at every point of attack. Buildings were strangely renovated, filled with strange equipment, with one device seemingly called a “Large Hadron Collider” and devices called “tinspires”. Though this was only on the border of Demacia, it would have to be dealt with. Codie and her fellow soldiers Sarah and Sam were tasked with finding the perpetrators, be it man or beast.

They followed the trail of it’s attacks deep into a cave. At the entrance lay one of the “tinspires” found at the various attacked buildings.

“It has some sort of face etched into its screen. Maybe it’s some kind of Hextech?” said Sam.

“This far away from Piltover? I doubt it,” said Codie. “Store it for now so we can bring it back when we make our report”.

The squad forged ahead inside of the cave. As they continued inside, random foodstuffs lay strewn about the cave, strangely uneaten. 

“Hey, maybe I can grab something to eat. I haven’t eaten since we went drinking last night!” said Sarah.

“Wait, maybe that’s not such a good id-” said Codie before she was interrupted by a grisly sight.

A man lay before them, mutilated to such an extent that it was difficult to tell that it was ever a man. In his hands was a slice of pizza, presumably like the others that lay strewn about the cave. He was sliced apart with an uncountable amount of deep cuts, with nearly all of his blood drained from his body.

Just at that moment, there was a sense of dread filling the cavern.

“Maybe we should leave and call for some back-” said Sam before he was run over by a strange robot.

“What the hell is that?” said Sarah, before her head was decapitated by a swinging hook from the shadows.

Codie knew that it was time to run. But when she turned around and tried, her feet were frozen still, and her arms were forced to pose with her right arm stretching outwards and her left fist positioned in front of her.

“Whoosh” said Temoc, before Codie was blasted away. The last thing she felt was the searing pain of Temoc disintegrating her nearly instantly.

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