Students ask the esteemed love expert, Ratford the Rat, for advice regarding their wooing woes.

Q: Would you rather date Temoc, Enarc, or Tobor?

A: Bold of you to assume that any of our beloved mascots/idols aren’t hitched already.

Q: What makes you feel the most loved?


Q: How do we rizz?

A: Either do well in class so people come to you for answers, OR do poorly so people feel compelled to help you.

Q: How do you know if someone is interested in you romantically or wants to be just friends considering that they want to be around you?

A: Read the article on page 10.

Q: I’ve been repeatedly told that I need to “be confident” when asking out women. How am I supposed to?

A: Women loveee when you refer to yourself as an alpha male and talk about league of legends unprompted.

Q: What are some red flags to avoid?

A: Comp-Sci majors.

Q: Have recently started talking to my ex who says she is interested in getting back, but I am not. Bad idea?

A: *three bottles of soju later* Not at all!

Q: How should I ask out this girl at the gym? 

A: Stop her in the middle of her set and tell her how to use the machine she was just using. This way she’ll really look up to you.

Q: What’s a good first date location? 

A: Dining Hall West dinner date,

Q: What’s a good pick-up line? 

A: Baby, you can call me Tobor because I’ll bring you Taco Bell any hour of the day.

Q: Why is it that UTD doesn’t do more events like this [speed dating]?

A: See above questions.