Aries: Watch out for fair-weather friends. Not everyone can be counted on during hard times.

Taurus: Meeting new people can be hard, but try not to freeze up. You can do this!

Gemini: Take some time to reflect on how quickly you warm up to people. Also, maybe talk to a mental health professional.

Cancer: Blue skies are ahead of you! You’ve just got to power through the rest of this semester.

Leo: Don’t stress too much this month. All storms pass eventually.

Virgo: The winds of change are blowing! Have you considered changing your major?

Libra: Stay away from water signs. You’ll have enough rainfall this month.

Scorpio: Daylight is in short supply these days. Take breaks and go outside when you can!

Sagittarius: Baby, it’s cold outside, so don’t forget your coat!

Capricorn: Low chance of rain tomorrow, but it never hurts to be prepared. Grab an umbrella before you leave home. 

Aquarius: Looks like today is going to be partly cloudy, clear by evening.

Pisces: High of 55F, low of 45F, with winds reaching up to 10 km/hr.