Aries: Beware the pull of the Aries full moon. You’re standing on a cliff face, and it will try to drag you off the edge. Keep your emotional responses in check, and ask yourself what you’re really angry about.

Taurus: You are drowning, barely keeping your head above water in a sea of endless responsibilities. A water sign could help, but no one can throw you a lifeline if you don’t call out.

Gemini: A sense of dread is growing within you. Things have been good lately. Too good, perhaps. Listen to your instincts and ready yourself. You’ve worked too hard to lose everything now.

Cancer: How many times have you dug your own grave, only to fill it with someone else’s body? You can’t keep letting others take the fall. It’s time to take responsibility for your own actions. 

Leo: You’re here for a reason. But what was it again? There’s something strange lurking at the edge of your memory. Don’t ignore it. What — or who — are you forgetting?

Virgo: Life is full of ups and downs. There will always be creatures waiting in the dark, but it’s up to you to decide whether to live your life in fear or take the quiet moments when they come.

Libra: This is your time of year! October is a great time to externalize and confront the things that scare you. Make the most of this season, and you may come out better for it.

Scorpio: It’s no coincidence that Halloween falls during Scorpio season. You thrive off of reinventing yourself. Be careful — you may look in the mirror one day and find that the person looking back isn’t you.

Sagittarius: You have a choice to make. A storm looms over you, getting closer with each passing day. Will you stay put, or seek out better shelter? Sometimes the easy decision is not truly the safer one.

Capricorn: Facing the shadows on your own doesn’t make you strong. What you’re really afraid of is being alone, and yet whenever you feel overwhelmed, you isolate yourself. 

Aquarius: As long as you carry the demons of your past with you, you will never outrun them. Consider getting therapy. 

Pisces: This may have felt like a twist ending, but play things back in your mind. Were the clues really hidden, or were you just scared to see the monster for what it was?